What is Faith?

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You might know what you believe and why you believe … but do you know that you believe?

Sadly, while many Christians know that they are supposed to believe, they don’t know if they actually do believe.

So stop wondering if you have false faith, spurious faith, temporary faith, and intellectual faith, or if your faith is head faith instead of heart faith. All such terms are unhelpful and unbiblical, and cause many Christians to wonder if they have truly believed.

By reading this book, you will not only discover how faith works, but also how to know that you believe.

This book also answers some of your most pressing questions about faith, such as the relationship between faith and works, whether or not God gives the gift of faith, and whether or not it is possible to be certain about your faith. This book also provides explanations for several key Bible passages about faith.

Read this book and start expanding your faith today.


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