Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus

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Why is the Bible so violent and bloody?

How can God’s behavior in the Old Testament be reconciled with that of Jesus in the New?

Do you find yourself trying to rationalize God’s violent demeanor in the Bible to unbelievers or even to yourself?

Does it seem disconcerting that God tells us not to kill others but He then takes part in some of the bloodiest wars and vindictive genocides in history?

The answer to all such questions is found in Jesus on the cross.

By focusing your eyes on Jesus Christ and Him crucified, you come to understand that God was never angry at human sinners, and that no blood sacrifice was ever needed to purchase God’s love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

In Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, J. D. Myers shows how the death of Jesus on the cross reveals the truth about the five concepts of sin, law, sacrifice, scapegoating, and bloodshed. After carefully defining each, this book shows how these definitions provide clarity on numerous biblical texts.

If you have ever wanted to see God in the light of Jesus, seek no further. J. D. Myers masterfully reveals the truth of who God is, as well as the missing pieces you have been searching for in order to truly understand what is written in the Bible. You will also gain insight into the true plight of humanity and what Jesus came to rescue and deliver us from.

Read this book. You will not be disappointed.


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