Adventures in Fishing for Men: A Humorous Satire of Christian Evangelism

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Does evangelism and witnessing make you uncomfortable? If so, you’re about to be set free … or maybe you’ll become even more uncomfortable.

Using irony, satire, and humor, Jeremy Myers writes Adventures in Fishing for Men as an allegorical story about a man’s quest to become a world-famous fisherman–without ever catching any fish.

As an allegory about evangelism, this book is not about fishing, but about fishing for men.

While a few of the stories are from the author’s own life, all of the stories portray the general Christian approach to evangelism. As you read Adventures in Fishing for Men, you will see yourself in many of the stories, and will either be set free from some of the strange methods of modern evangelistic practices, or you will become upset at how your cherished traditions are being portrayed. But these were the two ways people responded to the parables of Jesus as well.

The nameless fisherman of this book serves as a mirror to all who read of his adventures, shining a light on how far Christianity has strayed from the example set by Jesus.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear!


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