IVORY: Five Points Of Free Grace Believism

Recently I’ve noticed an interest in an explanation of free grace beliefs that copares them to Calvinism and Arminianism. In the same way that TULIP represents Calvinism, I’ve chosen the word IVORY to represent Free Grace Believism. The graphic below is my attempt to compare “apples to apples.” It may not represent all free grace believers, but this is an attempt to begin a conversation on the topic. Please let me know (in the comment section) what you think. If you have ideas on how to improve please let me know.

I love words. I love big buttery words like ambrosial, Balthazar, and succulent. I love words with sharp edges like detritus, truncate, and crass. I love dry words like scourge, corpse, and bonebag. I love funny words like bumfuzzle, piehole, and snollygoster. I love words. I'd love to share my words with you.


  • Kelley Easley

    Fascinating! A while back I read a 2014 article from the GES where the acronym ASSURE was proposed. How interesting to see a second proposal for Free Grace theology. Will you be fleshing this out further in an upcoming book? (Hoping so!)

    • lucaskitchen

      yeah, I saw the Assure acronym. As far as a book on this subject, I’m just shopping it around to see if it’s usable. If people seem to like it I might develop it some more. I don’t want to reduce FG to a kitschy gimmick. Though, I’m hoping it could be useful.

  • Kelley Easley

    Hi Lucas. Not knowing another way to contact you, and knowing that you have control over what you choose to post, as your sister in Christ, I’d like to apologize to you for making open reference to the GES’s Assure acronym in my previous comment. I’m sure I certainly could have thought that through better. It was absolutely not my intention to distract attention away from your idea or to cause any confusion. In truth, I was wondering how the tenets of both acronyms might differ in any significant ways, but I didn’t feel that to be an appropriate question to ask publicly, as I would never want to cause any division. Instead, I guess I was hoping you might elaborate on any distinctions (an equally stupid assumption, upon reflection!) Please forgive my carelessness. Both my husband and I have read and benefitted greatly from your Salvation and Discipleship book, we appreciate your unique contributions to the Free Grace movement, and I look forward to many more opportunities to glean from your work!

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