Coaching/Mentoring/Discipleship – The Key to Reproducing Grace


Coaching.  Mentoring.  Discipleship.

These words are synonyms for the same subject which has a long history, a long Biblical history:

Jethro coached Moses

Moses coached Joshua

Eli coached Samuel

Elijah coached Elisha

Mordecai coached Esther

Jesus coached His disciples

Barnabas coached Paul

Paul coached Timothy and John Mark

Timothy coached faithful Christians who then coached others

Each of these people had someone more experienced, more mature in the Christian walk coaching them, mentoring them, discipling them. They came alongside of them to help them accomplish what God had called them to do. A coach that models the biblical examples of coaching will listen and ask questions that lead the person being coached to action steps that can be measured.

Modern-Day Biblical Coaching

The coaching I have been involved in happens once a month.  My coach and I pray together and talk through both personal issues and ministry issues.  We review what was covered in the last month’s coaching meeting and talk about the action steps that had been set for that month. We talk about what God did through those steps, how the Spirit is leading forward and what steps should be taken over the next month.  We spend a lot of time studying the Bible to formulate a plan that best mimics the New Testament model to multiply grace.

We use a road map that follows the six stages in Acts, as follows:

1.  The formation of the grace group (1:1 – 6:7)

2.  The events that happened to the key people (6:8 – 9:31)

3.  The advancement of grace in Palestine and Syria (9:32 – 12:24)

4.  The first missionary movement and Jerusalem Council (12:25 – 16:5)

5.  Two missionary movements (16:6 – 19:20)

6.  Grace spreads from Jerusalem to Rome (19:21 – 28:31)

The first three stages of the road map include people being set apart to share the grace message.  Grace is being shared, and grace groups are being formed. In the fourth stage of the road map, the message of grace is reaffirmed by the Jerusalem Council, and grace groups are being multiplied. The fifth and sixth stages tell us of two missionary movements spreading grace and reproducing grace groups and how these movements were then reproduced in other regions.

Similarly, not only am I being coached to reproduce grace in my region but I am assisting my coach by helping him coach a church plant network in Mongolia.

I feel led to help others reproduce grace not just outside the US, but here in the states as well.  If you would like more information, you can contact me through our website or our Facebook page.


Joe Filer is an author, speaker, and church planter. Born in Shamong, N.J. he now lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife of 24 years and their two teen boys. His first book was recently published by Freedom Church Movement “Freedom: Your Best Year Yet. Living the Abundant Christian Life.” Joe has been a church planter since 2008 and is currently a missionary in Utah planting underground churches that meet in homes and some pretty unusual places. Joe is also helping to coach 18 church planters in China. Learn more at Freedom Church Movement.

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