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    Coaching/Mentoring/Discipleship – The Key to Reproducing Grace

    Coaching.  Mentoring.  Discipleship. These words are synonyms for the same subject which has a long history, a long Biblical history: Jethro coached Moses Moses coached Joshua Eli coached Samuel Elijah coached Elisha Mordecai coached Esther Jesus coached His disciples Barnabas coached Paul Paul coached Timothy and John Mark Timothy coached faithful Christians who then coached others Each of these people had someone more experienced, more mature in the Christian walk coaching them, mentoring them, discipling them. They came alongside of them to help them accomplish what God had called them to do. A coach that models the biblical examples of coaching will listen and ask questions that lead the person…

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    Understanding Romans 9, Part 1, Context and Theme

    Introduction There are a lot of passages in Scripture that people intentionally avoid. Usually it is because they have an idea about what it says, and they don’t like that idea. Romans 9 is one of those passages, and there are a lot of jokes at the expense of non-Calvinists because of it. Calvinists use it as a proof text for the idea that God unconditionally predestined some to salvation and some to damnation. It says things like, “He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens,” and that is assumed to mean that God chooses individuals for each from eternity past and without conditions.