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    IVORY: Five Points Of Free Grace Believism

    Recently I’ve noticed an interest in an explanation of free grace beliefs that copares them to Calvinism and Arminianism. In the same way that TULIP represents Calvinism, I’ve chosen the word IVORY to represent Free Grace Believism. The graphic below is my attempt to compare “apples to apples.” It may not represent all free grace believers, but this is an attempt to begin a conversation on the topic. Please let me know (in the comment section) what you think. If you have ideas on how to improve please let me know.

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    Millard Erickson on Assurance.

    I was recently asked what I thought about Millard Erickson's book Christian Theology Third Edition. It is the textbook for a massive number of systematic theology classes in a vast array of evangelical schools. Obviously answering that question as a whole is difficult, so I chose to examine a specific topic in his book from a free grace mindset. So if you're a free grace thinker, wondering if Erickson's systematic theology is right for you, then read on.

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    How To Stop Doubting Your Salvation.

    I got this great question from a subscriber.  Hi Lucas, I recently haven’t gotten the feeling of the presence of God. I was talking to someone the other day about salvation… now I’m confused again. I started doubting a little bit because I thought that the lack of His presence meant either I wasn’t saved or He isn’t there. People say that they have God help them with decisions which I feel has never happened to me. Or when they pray they feel something (which I used to feel but it went away). It feels like I’m doing something wrong, or He isn’t there. LUCAS’ ANSWER: EMOTION IS DANGEROUS.  Here’s…

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    Is it a sin to read other religion’s books?

    We got this fantastic question recently. Hey Lucas I had another question. Do you know any scriptures on reading other religions books? 2 John 10-11 says don’t bid anyone Godspeed who has another doctrine. Is it still okay to accept a copy of the Book Of Mormon even if you already know it to be a lie full of damnable heresies? Anyways I’ll just tell you in short last Sunday I went to a LDS church because I wanted to preach the true good news of justification by Faith alone and to warn of judgement and the Elder I spoke to gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon…

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    Will All Believers Have Fruit?

    We got this question from a reader this week:   Does John 14:12 prove that all believers must bear fruit?  Let’s notice what the verse says: Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. (John 14:12) If you are trying to make a blanket rule from this verse, you can’t stop at saying that everyone must have fruit. You’d have to say that everyone who believes must do ‘greater things’ than Jesus. If you are going to try to maintain that this verse proves all…

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    Why is the church so divided?

    I had a good conversation with a friend last night. He asked a really good question. The essence of the question was this: “If the gospel is simple to understand, Why is there so much disagreement?” He’s right. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of divisions in the church. I have a few quick ideas on why this is.  It seems to me, from Scripture, that there are three things to blame for these divisions. (1) Scripture distorters, (2) Satan, and a (3) Self-gratifying audience. SCRIPTURE DISTORTERS Peter once said, “…our dear brother Paul also wrote you… His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable…

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    What about the tribes?

    I received this question recently: Is it really necessary for an isolated people group to hear the gospel? I remember sitting through a sermon a long time ago about accountability and God will judge each person accordingly. It made sense that God would not condemn a person if he/she has never heard the gospel or has no knowledge of the gospel. So, what is accomplished if a missionary reaches a tribe? He would have proclaimed the gospel and potentially changed the course of each soul’s eternal destination? Those that heard and accepted the gospel would go to heaven, but those that heard and rejected it would go to hell. So…