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    Lucas’ New Book, Naked Grace

    THE GRAND RELEASEI’m pleased to present my new book, Naked Grace: A quest for clarity in a world of confusion. I’d like to say, “Thank You” to all of those who pre-ordered! Due to your pre-order support, Naked Grace released with a top 100 status on Amazon. It’s #88 for its category, no easy task. I’m so thankful to the readers who have shown this book such generous support so far. Get the Paperback // Get it on Kindle // Get it in Audiobook (coming soon) GET IT WHILE IT’S CHEAPIf you don’t have your copy yet you may want to get it soon. It’s only $.99 for a limited…

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    Belief Is A Light Switch Not A Dimmer.

    At the church where I serve we have a large meeting room that has seven banks of lights. There are seven light switches that control these banks. When it’s time to turn the lights on you can turn them on one at a time, or you can lay your arm out flat and turn them all on at once. The second method is my favorite. We have another room in the church called the parlor. It has a luxurious leather sofa and plush, velvety chairs. In the parlor, the lighting is set up differently. There are dimmers for the lights. You can slide the dimmer up and down to fit…

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    Worship Creator or Created: Results May Vary

    We got this great question today: Question: How would you explain to a non-Christian that worshiping God is necessary vs. just using the tenants of the Christian faith as just a value structure for your life. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? We should be able to simply follow the instructions in the Bible without having to worry about the Spiritual stuff. I knew a guy that called himself a Christian atheist. This was essentially what he claimed he did. I would contend, however, that it is not technically possible.

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    I have a friend from another country who sent me a gospel tract and asked for my feedback. What I found in the tract stirred up a lot of thoughts and emotions about how we in America talk about the Gospel. We have a terrible habit that is choking the life out of our gospel presentation. We have a huge problem in church circles. I call it termonology swap. Let me explain. The Gospel Of John is the book we go to to learn how to have eternal life. Jesus makes it clear that there is one requirement that must be met. It’s that we believe. There are a string of verses…

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    Eternal Rewards: Episode 3

    Everyone needs motivation. It’s an essential function of the human brain. Everyone needs to see what the payout will be for their trouble. You work for a paycheck, not for free. You work out at the gym for a purpose, to lose weight. You take a shower every once in a while because it benefits your social life. There is a motive for everything. Every beat of your heart and breath in your chest has a motive.

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    Clearing the Water

    Imagine that a young man named Tim is given a glass of living water. He drinks it down gratefully. It tastes clean and refreshing. He knows the moment he drinks it he has been given immortality. In addition, the moment after Tim drinks the living water he realizes that he has an urge to quit drinking all other drinks. He decides that he’ll give up tea, coffee, and sodas. In his exuberance, he grabs an extra glass of living water and excitedly carries it toward his loved ones. He wants his parents to have access to this purified life-giving drink.

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    Eternal Rewards: Episode 2

    I grew up in a Bible-teaching church. We learned the Bible verse by verse. It was an incredible, almost seminary level, biblical education. In my early twenties, I branched out and worked in various ministry capacities in churches of all sizes. I minored in biblical studies in undergrad and majored in biblical studies in seminary. I traveled doing music ministry for about a decade with a host of speakers and evangelists. From the time I could understand speech until I was 30, I estimate that I heard over 10,000 talks on biblical subjects. That’s thousands of sermons, Bible studies, discussions, and lectures. This doesn’t count the stack of books I’ve…

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    Eternal Rewards: Episode 1

    When I was in fourth grade, I asked my Dad if I could get into baseball. I had seen a game or two on TV and liked the look of the sport. I imagined that the entire experience would consist of a crisp uniform, a few Saturday morning games, and a big trophy. I was surprised to find that there were all kinds of tasks that had to be done before we even had one game.